New Blog!

I’ve just created this new blog for myself during a fit of boredom. I plan to post about math and programming here for no reason whatsoever. You know, because I can.

As for my first update, it is on programming. Ah, yes, the sweet nectar of the processor chip. I’m working on a site with 2 friends and we’re hideously behind schedule (as is with most projects I’m involved in). While I’m waiting for my sister to get off her horse, I’m going to be working on it. For now, I won’t reveal what it is here. I’ve explained the site to some people I know and they’ve all supported it. I’ll let you know once we’re further in development.

For now, however, I will tell you that it will be written in C++. I know, I know, C++ is “not good for web development” because of having to worry about buffer overflows and such instead of real problems like injection. My answer would have to be that I’m doing it mainly for education in web development. I’ll get more experience with C++ as well as server-side programming, and so will my fellow collaborators.

Well, I guess that’s basically all I can say for now, seeing as I have to leave home now anyway. I’ll post again soon.